24Mar 2017

Samsung officially reveals the S8 at their Unpacked event on March 29, US time. However, a lot has already been leaked online about the features and specs in the past weeks and months. Below’s a round-up of those. Note, however, that some of these specs are to be considered as approximations until next week’s big […]

22Mar 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks continue ahead of the full announcement next week. This time there is a photo which suggests that the S8 will have a screen resolution of 2960×1440 and that the phone will employ similar technology to the LG G6 to help cut down on power consumption. It’s worth knowing that it […]

20Mar 2017

Ahead of the March 29 launch of its next flagship smartphone, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will have a new voice-driven digital assistant named Bixby, molded by artificial intelligence. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are set to be unveiled during a press conference on March 29th – two smartphones that have […]

13Mar 2017

There’s just two weeks to go until Samsung reveals all about its new Galaxy S8 smartphone. A picture that appears to be the front plate of the Galaxy S8. Alleged colors include glossy black, white, blue, gold and silver. Techdroider tweeted other images of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in gold and white, […]

07Mar 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was widely expect to have its debut at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona last month. Without other objects to compare to, even the smaller model appears pretty huge, but it’s worth reiterating the effect of the minuscule bezels and longer 18:9 aspect ratio. The Galaxy S8 is rumored to […]

01Mar 2017

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has leaked in a series of live images from MWC 2017. Dealing with the aftermath of its disastrous Galaxy Note 7 recall caused Samsung to postpone the Galaxy S8’s launch, which typically takes place at the annual Mobile World Congress show. Instead, the company used a press conference there to tease the […]

20Feb 2017

Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S8 looks set to be unveiled on March 29th at a major event in New York and it could be the firm’s best smartphone to date. The leaked image seems to confirm the various rumors about the S8, albeit in the broadest way possible — a buttonless design with dramatically reduced […]

15Jan 2017

The two most talked about smartphones of 2017 so far are the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8, even though neither has been officially announced. Since it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, many are predicting a groundbreaking device from Apple. However, there is more to look forward to. Even though the iPhone 7 series […]

13Jan 2017

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 8 may be fully waterproof. A new report by the Investor indicates that both devices will be IP68 certified. While Samsung was expected make its next-gen flagship waterproof, the iPhone 8 would be the first Apple flagship smartphone to have this feature. Although even the iPhone 7 was […]

11Jan 2017

Samsung’s mythical foldable smartphone might actually see the light of day, according to a report from the Korea Herald. The Herald’s source claims that the long-rumoured flexible smartphone will be launched in Q3 this year, after three years of development. So what can we expect from the presumptively named ‘Galaxy F1’? The reports suggest a […]