13Nov 2019

I am satisfied with this phone case. It looks like the one in the photo. The magnetic cover is very strong. Be amazed at how well the phone’s magnets hold it in place. Very nice wallet phone case. Just what you need when you don’t want to carry a big purse. This CaseMe Samsung Galaxy […]

11Nov 2019

I am looking for a wallet phone case that can hold more than 6 CARDS. My current case won’t keep my phone off. I saw this. I had to have it. I’m glad I bought it! I received this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus case today and it is so cute and stylish that the […]

07Nov 2019

This is the best wallet phone case I’ve ever had… And I have a lot! The magnets allow the phone to return perfectly to its original position without trying to place it on the camera. I don’t think I want it not to have actual closure like tags, but it can stay closed. I like […]

06Nov 2019

I’m a big fan of leather products. This leather case looks very classic. The case itself is really stylish, it’s great, and it also has improved front protection. If you put the phone down face down, it has a lip protection design. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case is very beautiful, made of high quality […]

05Nov 2019

I just received the wallet case 4 days ago! It fits my phone perfectly and works great! And there’s nothing wrong with my wireless charging pad. The phone’s magnets are so strong that they don’t fall out of the wallet itself, and I can separate the phone from the wallet case. There is plenty of […]

03Nov 2019

Samsung has just released the 7nm Exynos 990 processor and 5G Exynos modem 5123, and said it will be mass-produced in December, this processor will be the Samsung Galaxy S11 processor launched next year. Samsung says it will release another processor and more powerful features before the Galaxy S11 goes on sale. However, from the […]

31Oct 2019

Samsung Galaxy S11 specification confirmation! Galaxy S11 is Samsung’s strongest flagship phone in 2020. The specifications are naturally strong. The Galaxy S11 specification has been exposed: up to 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 9830 processor will be released in February 2020. The Samsung Galaxy S11 series will be equipped with Galaxy S11, Galaxy […]

30Oct 2019

Love this wallet phone case. It can replace my ordinary purse, because my mobile phone is very beautiful. Yes, it’s clunky, but so is a regular wallet, and most won’t fit on a larger phone like my Samsung Note 10. The case of the magnet is very strong and well preserved. I’m not worried about […]

28Oct 2019

I started using a magnetic wallet leather case on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and thought it would never look back in the future. This wallet case can meet all my needs. Magnets are nice and strong enough to attach the phone to any magnetic surface, and I like to place the phone on the […]

07Oct 2019

Yesterday, Samsung revealed a patent for related “aerial projection” technology, which will be used on the samsung Note 11. “Sky projection” technology is a patent samsung filed in the United States, the future of the mobile phone market is likely to be folded screen or sky projection. The Note 11 is samsung’s flagship phone for […]