11Dec 2018

Today Samsung showed the user the 2019 smartphone design, which uses a new borderless Infinity-O display, but does not have a headphone jack, meaning that the Galaxy S10 will cancel the headphone jack. This news has been confirmed by CaseMe mobile phone accessories manufacturers, and he has announced the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 […]

05Dec 2018

Some time ago, the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus picture was leaked online. Today, Samsung has confirmed that the leaked picture is the Samsung Galaxy A8s, which will be released in Beijing on December 10th. It will use the Infinity-O screen, which means it is more fragile, so it must be There […]

22Nov 2018

Today is Black Friday, e-commerce website offers very big discounts, if you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you definitely need some top protection, we will provide you with the world’s best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case. This is the LED wallet case released by Samsung. It can be said to be the […]

20Nov 2018

We already know that the Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship product, as a exciting smartphone, it is world’s first “ultrasound” display reader. It is said that its screen cost exceeds $200 dollars, it will be released in March next year, there are already related accessories manufacturers began to design its accessories, such as […]

11Nov 2018

Samsung attaches great importance to the 10th anniversary of next year, especially next year’s flagship mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and the samsung official has been confirmed Galaxy S10 design. The leak shows that it has three rear cameras, an “ultrasonic” display reader, and a 5G network […]

08Nov 2018

Samsung announced the launch of the One UI beta, which will be available for Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in certain countries this month. One UI is scheduled to be released in early 2019, so next year’s Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus will use One UI directly. One […]

24Oct 2018

Samsung is expected to become the first company to introduce graphene battery equipment next year, which coincides with the Galaxy S10 release. If so, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are expected to see a huge improvement in battery performance. Currently, CaseMe Case accessories manufacturers have announced the appearance of the Galaxy S10 […]

08Oct 2018

The lavender purple of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was announced at the global launch in August, but for consumers who have already purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the cost of replacing the phone is too high. If you want this color, we recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case. CaseMe Case mobile […]

07Oct 2018

Samsung announced that it will hold a press conference on October 11th with the theme of “4x fun”. Many people are expected to launch a four-lens mobile phone, which may be the Galaxy A9 Pro (2018). CaseMe Case accessories manufacturers have now released their protective case in advance. According to the official CaseMe release photo, […]

04Oct 2018

In August this year, mobile phone sales data released, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and S9 ranked first with the same 2.6% global sales share. Samsung S9’s hot sale, its accessories sales increased, the most popular is Samsung Galaxy S9 Case. CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case This case from CaseMe Wallet is designed to provide […]