22May 2019

Just got the latest information from T-Mobile. Recently, the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has dropped to 300 dollars. If your budget is not high, this phone is worth buying. You need to take protective measures because it The screen is fragile, and we recommend several of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases […]

16May 2019

Samsung’s flagship model of the Galaxy S series is released at the beginning of each year. This seems to have become a tradition. This year’s Galaxy S10 is the best-selling smartphone, but the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are followed, and its accessories are also sold very high. Today we have selected several […]

12May 2019

Samsung has a strong industrial design, and this year’s Galaxy S10 Plus is no exception, ultra-narrow bezel, three-shot and ultrasonic screen fingerprints, these highlights attract many users’ attention. Due to the curved screen design, the screen is fragile, so we must take protective measures for it, today, we recommend the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus […]

09May 2019

According to the latest statistics of the smart phone market in India in the first quarter, Samsung is back to the top of high-end smart phones. The hot sales of Galaxy S10 series drive the overall sales, including its accessories. We will recommend the most popular Samsung Galaxy S10 Case in 2019 in the Indian […]

07May 2019

As a consumer electronics product, smartphones will naturally meet the demand for replacement. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has dropped by 30% and free accessories. Today we have selected the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Case in 2019. CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case This case […]

29Apr 2019

It may be that Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones are released, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is about to be released. People seem to lose interest in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but it is not the Case. Its sales volume in April is still higher than that of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Today we will […]

27Apr 2019

Verizon, the largest us telecoms company, has announced it will begin pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone. Since the size of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version is different from that of samsung Galaxy S10, their screen protection film and phone Case cannot be universal. Today we recommend the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Case and […]

23Apr 2019

Samsung has confirmed it will delay the launch of its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, and will change the phone’s design to enhance its display. Preliminary findings suggest the problem may be related to the exposed portion of the hinge. Samsung did not say when the Galaxy Fold would hit the market, which could […]

21Apr 2019

According to the source, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has two models, and the Note 10 Pro will be equipped with a 6.75-inch QHD ultra-sensitive full video screen! It is equipped with qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor, built-in X50 5G baseband, and supports 5G network. Samsung Note 10 Pro will be equipped with four rear cameras, 12 […]

18Apr 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold screen phone will officially go on sale in the United States on January 26. The official provided the mobile phone to the technology media experience in advance, but they suffered a series of problems, including flickering screens, black screens, crashes and creases in normal use. Some of the first to obtain […]