27May 2020

Mobile phone in the life the use of high frequency, and it is difficult to avoid the knock against, following from not only can protect mobile phone, the appearance of the personality at the same time also can decorate the fuselage, then combined with the former Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone, a few recommendations for […]

25May 2020

In February, the samsung brand launched its new flagship phone, the samsung S2O series, the flagship configuration and the photo taking performance, which has attracted the attention of consumers and they can’t wait to get their hands on it. Of course, when we get a new mobile phone, we can’t help but take care of […]

21May 2020

Samsung’s S20 series products launched this year, especially the Samsung S20 Ultra mobile phone, are top standards in terms of performance experience and camera performance. Of course, buying a new mobile phone is also inseparable from protection. Combined with the Samsung S20 Ultra mobile phone, we recommend several simple style Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra mobile […]

17May 2020

Throughout the entire mobile phone market, the Samsung Note series of mobile phones have always been in the top flagship product. The Samsung Note 10 Plus is at a cutting-edge level in terms of hardware configuration and screen performance. Of course, the mobile phone is a vital digital product in daily life. The longer the […]

13May 2020

The appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra mobile phone is inherently stylish and simple. In the process of selecting a mobile phone case, you can naturally choose some simple styles. And this case designed by CaseMe brand, I believe it will be your good choice. In appearance design, it is made of fresh green […]

10May 2020

For consumers, the S series and Note series released by Samsung each year are Samsung’s core products, so there is no worry about the hardware configuration of the mobile phone, as well as the camera and performance experience. In particular, the Samsung S20 mobile phone has been released for almost two months. I believe many […]

07May 2020

If you recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite mobile phone, it is inevitable that you will wear and tear in your daily life. If you accidentally fall and cause broken screens, it will require a large repair cost. Under the protection of the mobile phone case, we can use it with more peace of […]

05May 2020

As the latest Samsung flagship released in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone is at the forefront of the phone regardless of its performance configuration, camera performance or screen effect. How can it be possible without a drop-proof mobile phone case to avoid minor Rubbing wear. Therefore, it is more secure to use […]

30Apr 2020

Samsung has released the expected update of the Galaxy A20. The update will be released about a week ago, and has since entered many countries. It is available in Russia, Vietnam, Chile, and the Philippines, and comes with the April 2020 security patch and all basic Android 10 and One UI 2.0 features. At the […]

29Apr 2020

If you want to provide additional safety and styling to your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, you will need to get the perfect case for it. As you know, there are lots of options available in the market when you want to get a perfect cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. However, only a […]