11Aug 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 series is already available for pre-order. Prices start at $999 for the new flagship and $1,299 for the regular and Ultra versions, so it’s great to get a new case for your device. We’ll focus on the most expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Equipped with a 6.9-inch AMOLED display, we’ve […]

08Aug 2020

Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 20, the latest in a line of top-of-the-line flagship phones, an impressive device and a hefty price tag. When you pick up your new phone, you might want to put it in the case as soon as possible to make sure nothing bad happens. We’ve rounded up the […]

07Aug 2020

Samsung has officially launched its latest flagship product, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It’s a stunning smartphone with a 6.9-inch AMOLED. However, if you drop and damage the phone, all the charm will be useless. From rugged cases to wallet cases, we’ve selected the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases to make your new […]

05Aug 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available, starting at $1,299, which is definitely a big investment. That’s more than double the weight of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is the same size. Thankfully, some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases are available below, and no matter what your style, there’s a Samsung […]

04Aug 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be released tomorrow, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 protective case can already be ordered online. It is consistent with everything leaked in the past. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 tends to use a flat display, while Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a curved edge display. CaseMe announced the […]

01Aug 2020

We are as excited as you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be launched next week. While we wait for the launch date, a set of accessories for the phone was released, provided by Samsung’s official forum. The picture shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case, which includes a […]

30Jul 2020

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra phones will be among the first of Samsung’s new devices to be launched on August 5, and the company will start taking orders online soon after the event is announced. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 will cost the same as the Galaxy S20. This fits well with Samsung’s […]

28Jul 2020

CaseMe will be launching a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case with an “antibacterial coating.” Three photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases have been Shared on the official website, with the words’ antimicrobial coating ‘highlighted on each pack. Although studies have shown that certain coatings can effectively prevent the transmission of viruses from […]

24Jul 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2020 won’t be released until August 5. The event follows an event that Samsung opened today for pre-orders for its upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series. There is now a dedicated page on Samsung’s website where you can order its Flagship Galaxy Note 20 device until August 4. Doing so will also allow […]

22Jul 2020

With the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, new reports are coming out about the product. The latest news about the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes from some pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone case released by the accessory manufacturer. According to images posted by CaseMe, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 […]