13Feb 2019

In 2019, the annual flagship of major mobile phone brands, all media are ready to go, among them Samsung Galaxy S10 series can be called “everyone knows”, Xiaomi Mi9 was released in advance, Huawei also announced that it will launch 5G folding mobile phone on February 24. Recently, another media reported the relevant information of […]

11Feb 2019

Three of apple’s iPhone models launched last year were already at rock-bottom prices, and the iPhone 8 Plus now costs roughly the same as the iPhone XR. But the iPhone 8 Plus is more popular, with sales of its accessories soaring. Today, we will recommend the best iPhone 8 Plus wallet case from CaseMe. This […]

10Feb 2019

Apple’s share price rose more than 3% on Friday, the biggest increase in more than a week, Rosenblatt said in a customer report that price cuts and Chinese New Year help boosted Apple’s iPhone XR sales in China. Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang expects iPhone XR production to increase by 1 million units in February. However, […]

09Feb 2019

In 2008, Nokia sold 460 million mobile phones with cameras to become “the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.” In 2008, Nokia’s market share was as high as 40%. But 2008 is also the beginning of Nokia’s overall decline. In the previous year, Jobs launched the first generation iPhone. In 2018, iPhone sales fell 22%, similar […]

07Feb 2019

Apple’s latest patent describes a mobile device capable of detecting toxic gases, indicating that the 2019 new iPhone will have the ability to detect gas components. The patent describes that if the user is in an environment of potentially fatal threats, the 2019 new iPhone will be equipped with a gas detection sensor to alert […]

05Feb 2019

In 2018, the iPhone entered a recession in the Chinese market, while Chinese mobile phone brands continued to grow. In order to save the lost users, before the Chinese New Year Spring Festival, a number of iPhones began to cut prices, although the sales volume increased after the price cut, but still can not meet […]

03Feb 2019

According to designboom, the luggage brand RIMOWA recently launched a mobile phone case for the XS and XR series iPhones. The official website shows a price of $101. RIMOWA’s iPhone Case is matched with its signature luggage, both made of the same lightweight aluminum alloy and shock-resistant TPU. The case provides good grip and comfort […]

01Feb 2019

Apple released the new smart battery case for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, priced at $ 129 (about 871 yuan), available in white and black. Apple said the new battery case is not compatible with the iPhone X, but some people have tried it. On Thursday, foreign media iMore’s ReneRitchie put the […]

30Jan 2019

Apple introduced an adaptable smart battery case for three iPhones, priced at $120. If you are a user of iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, it is especially necessary to purchase this smart battery case. After all, relying on the original battery of the mobile phone, this is not enough. Compared to the previous smart battery […]

29Jan 2019

For Apple, more than half of the company’s revenue comes from the iPhone, so the sluggish sales of the three phones released last year directly affected their performance. Cook used Apple XS, XS Max and XR as examples to explain Apple’s pricing strategy. He said that the specific strategy is that iPhone XS is priced […]