03Jul 2020

As expensive as the iPhone 11 Pro Max is, most users will choose a personalized iPhone 11 Pro Max case. With the continuous improvement of people’s taste, it is also hoped that this accessory to protect mobile phones can become a tool to decorate mobile phones. Today, I would like to recommend some simple and […]

02Jul 2020

Apple insiders say the iPhone 12 will not come with Earpods or a phone charger, and that it will even drop the charger in the iPhone SE 2 pack at a later date. Apple is said to be doing this because the cost of upgrading the iPhone to 5G will increase, reducing the overall cost […]

29Jun 2020

Apple’s annual flagship iPhone 12 lineup this fall will still be available in four models — the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max — and Wedbush Securities recently reported that the iPhone 12 will still be available in September. The new iPhone 12 will have the same […]

27Jun 2020

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has been released for nearly a year. Besides using your cell phone in your daily life, it also accompanies you to play games and surf the Internet for entertainment. Immerse yourself in the good times. Don’t forget to replace it with a new iPhone 11 Pro Max case, because it’s […]

25Jun 2020

Today, we will combine the popular iPhone 11 phone case, recommend several simple mobile phone cases for you, simple appearance and fresh color collocation, can bring you a clean and refreshing visual experience, also popular among young artists. A fresh and simple case can reduce your stress and calm your heart. It can make you […]

23Jun 2020

As the leader in the mobile phone industry, Apple mobile phone has been widely introduced by users for its exquisite workmanship quality and excellent performance configuration. In particular, the release of Apple 11 series of mobile phones, is a rise of a wave of replacement phone. In the face of apple’s iPhone 11 Pro which […]

16Jun 2020

A designer has recreated the shape of Apple’s new iPhone and created a iPhone 12 Pro case, based on the leaked iPhone 12 model. From a design perspective, the new iPhone 12 Pro looks great on the front, with a very narrow bezel, a smaller top bezel, and a near-zero chin at the bottom. The […]

13Jun 2020

There have been reports that the 2020 iPhone will come in four different models, but in reality, they only have three display sizes. The iPhone 12 will come in 5.4-inch, two 6.1-inch versions and a larger 6.7-inch model. Gizmochina recently exposed the iPhone 12 case that is suspected to be iPhone 12 series this year. […]

12Jun 2020

As the most important protective accessories for mobile phones, the exterior design of mobile phone case has been unable to meet the needs of users. Next, combined with the popular Apple iPhone X, we recommend several fashionable and simple iPhone X protective cases, which can not only protect against falling, but also show your unique […]

09Jun 2020

Apple will complete the second phase of the upcoming iPhone 12 series “EVT,” or “engineering verification and testing,” at the end of June and begin production of the phone in July, Taiwan’s DigiTimes reported. The report indicates that all iPhone 12 models will go into production next month, but it is unclear whether all iPhone […]