21Aug 2019

Apple has officially released IOS13, but it has not been officially pushed. IOS13 is under test. Some consumers have updated IOS13 public beta through other methods. After upgrading IOS 13 public beta system, I found that the return bar at the bottom of the screen could not be used normally, which has something to do […]

20Aug 2019

As the most influential technology company in the world, Apple is favored by global consumers before launching new products every year. With its unique iOS system, the overall performance of apple mobile phone is excellent. However, the price of the iPhone 8 Plus has also dropped recently. The price of the standard version of the […]

18Aug 2019

Phone case manufacturer CaseMe has released Apple’s new iPhone case in advance. , and according to officia CaseMe case website, the 2019 iPhone will be called the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 will have a 5.8-inch LCD screen, while the iPhone 11 Pro will have […]

14Aug 2019

With the approach of Apple’s fall launch conference of 2019, there is more and more information about the new iPhone. Recently, the well-known media iphonesoft obtained information from the accessory manufacturer CaseMe, the names of the 2019 iPhone series are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Among them, according to CaseMe’s […]

13Aug 2019

Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones in September this year. So far, there have been rumors that Apple may name its new line of iPhones iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max or iPhone XI, iPhone XIR and iPhone XI Max, highlighting the fact that they will happen. Last year, the iPhone […]

11Aug 2019

It is reported that Apple is expected to release a new generation of iPhone on September 10. As before, there are three models, the new iPhone XR is named “iPhone”, and the other two are iPhone Pro and iPhone 11 Pro. The well-known accessory manufacturer CaseMe has released the new iPhone Case. CaseMe not only […]

09Aug 2019

The new iPhone 2019 is about to go on sale. According to the price announced so far, many consumers think the price is too expensive to afford the new iPhone 2019. Although they can’t own the 2019 new iPhone, they should change the case of their iPhone 6s/6s plus for a better mood. Different mobile […]

06Aug 2019

According to the latest reports from us media, apple employees have told reporters that apple’s fall product launch will be held on September 10. After the new iPhone is officially released, users will be accepted for reservations on September 13th, and will be officially launched on September 20. Apple is expected to begin trial production […]

01Aug 2019

While waiting for Apple’s autumn conference, there will always be a lot of exposure information to be released. Based on past experience, this information has a very high credibility. Today, we’re talking about accessories for the upcoming new phones. Last month, the manufacturer of CaseMe mobile phone protection case announced the new iPhone protection shell, […]

31Jul 2019

iPhone XS Max has always been the most expensive of non-luxury phones, but this time, the CaseMe case maker is offering a case for the iPhone XS Max, which is more expensive than the iPhone XS Max itself. The case designed by CaseMe is made of carbon fiber and pure gold. Due to the characteristics […]