16Jun 2019

Earlier, a large number of media reports, 2019 new iPhone will use triple-lens cameras, recently, accessory manufacturer CaseMe confirmed this. Video from accessory manufacturer CaseMe shows that the new iPhone accessory makers have already made the appropriate lens protection accessories and designed with a triple-lens camera. These lens protection accessories can even be booked at […]

12Jun 2019

The 2019 iPhone rear camera design has been leaked, and CaseMe phone case accessories manufacturers have produced its mobile phone case, the media found some iphone case hands-on video. Although it is uncertain that the 2019 iPhone is such a design. As you can see in the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch phone cases, the next-generation iPhone […]

10Jun 2019

2019 New iPhone iOS 13 is optimized for the system, bringing a lot of speed improvements, such as Face ID unlock speed increased by 30%, App’s response speed increased by two times. At the same time, The installation package is also 60% smaller than before. In the core configuration, the new 2019 iPhone will be […]

04Jun 2019

The Apple Developer Conference opened yesterday, and the official website also released an upgrade list that supports iOS 13. It may be regrettable for older models because the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 models are no longer supported. Obviously, Apple hopes to speed up the replacement cycle and promote its new mobile phone. Apple’s new […]

03Jun 2019

Apple is officially opening WWDC19, and according to press reports, it won’t be releasing hardware. But today, CaseMe, a leading Chinese maker of cellphone accessories, unveiled the iPhone XR 2 case. The design of the iPhone XR 2 is different from that of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS released last year, according to the […]

02Jun 2019

According to Rosenblatt Securities, Apple will cut production of its older iPhone models in the third quarter, and the new iPhone production plan for 2019 will go on schedule. Apple did not specify which models will be reduced. So far, the inventory of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has increased in the second quarter, […]

29May 2019

From the information released by Apple, the 2019 new iPhone should launch three models as well as last year. It should be iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2, which is basically the same as BGR exposure. According to speculation, the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max will use a 5.8/6.5-inch OLED display, upgraded […]

28May 2019

With the discontinuation of the iPhone 6 series, Apple will also cut the price of the iPhone 6S Plus model again. Now we can see that the iPhone 6S Plus released three years ago is less than 400 dollars, but we need to take screen protection measures because of the low price. We have selected […]

26May 2019

According to the information disclosed by the Apple industry chain, this year Apple will release a new generation of iPhone in September this year. It is still three models. You can understand that it is an upgraded version of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, but the design are not changed. The most […]