11Apr 2019

Mobile Phone manufacturers are constantly introducing new products to meet consumer demand. Samsung Galaxy S10 series is currently the best-selling phone, while huawei’s P30 series is coming soon. Today we’re going to review two of the most powerful Android phones. Huawei P30 Pro has more photo-taking functions than samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, and its advantages […]

08Apr 2019

After Huawei P30 Pro was released, it directly became the first place on the list of dxo. An investor memo from Cowen, a financial firm, recently analyzed why the iPhone’s camera advantage is slowly declining, and revealed the cost of camera components from huawei, iPhone, samsung and others. It can be seen from the published […]

31Mar 2019

Anandtech, the UK’s authoritative evaluation media, has released a comprehensive performance score for mobile phones. It has fully evaluated the CPU chips of several new smartphones. The just-released Huawei P30 Pro kirin 980 is still No.1. The evaluation method of this media is fair. It insists on adopting diversified evaluation methods and focuses on the […]

08Mar 2019

The huawei P30 series phone, which will be released in Paris on March 26. In terms of appearance, Huawei P30 is a water-drop screen design. However, Huawei P30 Lite and Huawei P30 are straight-screen designs, while Huawei P30 Pro is a curved screen design. Currently, CaseMe accessory manufacturers have released their mobile phone cases in […]

14Nov 2018

In the global smartphone market, Samsung’s 2018 Q3 shipped 72.3 million units, which is still the world’s number one, but down 13% year-on-year. Since the release of Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei’s mobile phone sales have increased by 20%. We have selected several best wallet case for Huawei Mate 20 Pro as a review today. […]

13Nov 2018

Since the release of the Huawei mate 20 smartphone, it has had a significant impact on the sales of the new iPhone. Recently, Cook said that the expected sales of the iPhone XR will be reduced from the previous 100 million to 70 million. From the data released by the official CaseMe mobile phone accessories […]