16Mar 2019

Apple continues to struggle with iPhone sales, according to data from Wall Street investment Banks, bloomberg reported, with the Chinese market particularly bleak and vendor sales getting worse. But its accessory demand is very popular, especially iPhone XS Max Case, iPhone XS Case, iPhone XR Case, iPhone 8 Plus Case, iPhone 8 Case. Due to […]

15Mar 2019

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series has been well received by users since its launch, but some early adopters of the Galaxy S10 Plus have encountered confusing functional issues. Galaxy S10 Plus fails to authenticate when some form of authentication, payment or mobile payment is required. The Korea herald, explained the ultrasonic sensor detects the finger in […]

14Mar 2019

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, it has been a huge commercial success. Compared with last year’s Samsung Galaxy S9, the new machine is further innovated in hardware. Taking the fingerprint sensor as an example, the Galaxy S10 does not choose a screen-based optics, but an ultrasound-based fingerprinting solution – the latter provides […]

13Mar 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 series launched three models, market analysis believes that this is the Samsung Galaxy S10 series to challenge the iPhone. So Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Apple iPhone Xs Max, who is more worth buying? The biggest difference between the two should be in the camera configuration. For the front lens, the Samsung […]

12Mar 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro are the most popular Android smartphones on the market. Now let’s compare the two phones in all directions. First of all, in terms of appearance, the Samsung S10’s progressive space is obvious to all, and far beyond the original expectations. The ultra-narrow side and the excellent […]

11Mar 2019

According to the data given by the China Tmall, since the price reduction of the iPhone on March 5th, in just two days, the overall sales of the iPhone has increased by 150%, of which the iPhone XS Max has the most outstanding, and the sales volume has increased by 230%. It can be said […]

10Mar 2019

Mobile phone security is always the most important for users. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series phone still uses 2D face unlock technology. The 2D face unlock technology can’t judge whether the face is an image or a real person, so put the photo in front of the selfie lens, It will be unlocked. Mobile phone […]

08Mar 2019

The huawei P30 series phone, which will be released in Paris on March 26. In terms of appearance, Huawei P30 is a water-drop screen design. However, Huawei P30 Lite and Huawei P30 are straight-screen designs, while Huawei P30 Pro is a curved screen design. Currently, CaseMe accessory manufacturers have released their mobile phone cases in […]

07Mar 2019

In 2018, Apple released three mobile phones, namely iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Due to price reasons, Apple’s sales in China are very bleak. So far, it has been the third price cut, especially this time, the price is reduced by 200 US dollars, CaseMe also launched a free gift event. The […]

06Mar 2019

Display rating agency DisplayMate conducted a professional evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone. The results show that the Samsung Galaxy S10 received a 100% all-green rating and received the highest A+ rating in DisplayMate’s history. But at the same time, the screen of the mobile phone is also the most vulnerable, so we […]

05Mar 2019

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series products have attracted the attention of consumers and brought great pressure to the iPhone and Huawei. Recently, BGR media exposed Samsung Note 10 renderings, using Samsung S10 screen technology. However, Chinese mobile phone accessory manufacturer CaseMe immediately released its related accessories. CaseMe Case always pays attention to the security of your […]

04Mar 2019

Samsung officially launched its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, on February 21. The price of this smartphone is $1,980, but Samsung has not introduced a protective case. Recently, the famous CaseMe case manufacturer has launched the first protective case for Galaxy Fold. CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Fold protective case will be divided into three models: […]

03Mar 2019

Samsung S10’s biggest bright spot is the ultimate thin and feel, and the industry’s highest-end ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, Samsung’s screen protector may have a great impact on the recognition accuracy, and sometimes will not respond, if you have a very good response to the high requirements, we recommend that you do not use a screen […]

28Feb 2019

In order to increase its appeal to consumers, Samsung has made efforts in some details, such as offer the original screen protector attached to the newly released Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus models. After 2 weeks of use, the screen protector will have some scratches, which will affect the appearance of the phone. We […]

27Feb 2019

Apple is about to release the latest iPhone this year, and it is expected to be released in mid-March. The latest iPhone in March is not a brand new model. It is actually a new color scheme for the iPhone XS series, with ProductRED color, the goal is to increase the iPhone sales. We pick […]