13Sep 2018

iPhone XS was released yesterday, due to the expensive price, we have to take protective measures. We have carefully selected 5 of the best iPhone Xs cases. Note: iPhone X and iPhone XS are the same size and the same design, so iPhone X and iPhone XS phone cases are universal. CaseMe iPhone XS Wallet […]

12Sep 2018

In 2018, the much anticipated new iPhone product was finally released today. The new product names are iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max. Compared with the 2017 iPhone X, the three models have not changed much in design, so there are Many Apple accessory manufacturers immediately launched a new iPhone case, including the famous […]

11Sep 2018

In 2018, the new iPhone will be released tomorrow. Apple’s confidential work is doing very well. So far, there is no information disclosure about the new product. The only thing that can be confirmed is that one of the iPhones will be named iPhone Xs, the other two, the name of the product is still […]

09Sep 2018

There are still two days left in the Apple conference, but today, 9to5mac media leaked 2018 iPhone new product name in advance, iPhone XC, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and then CaseMe Case accessories manufacturers launched its accessories in advance – iPhone XC Case, the mobile phone case we talked about today may be the […]

08Sep 2018

The iPhone 7 Plus was released on September 8, 2016. It has been two years, and this year Apple’s new product will be released next Wednesday. The iPhone 7 Plus is another classic Apple product after the iPhone 5. And its accessories is the focus of vendor chasing, today, we recommend the iPhone 7 Plus […]

06Sep 2018

According to the 9to5Mac media report, Apple suddenly confirmed the name of a new product – iPhone XS Max, which is a 6.5-inch iPhone often reported by mainstream media. In less than a day, CaseMe Case accessories manufacturers introduced the protective cover of this new product- iPhone XS Max Case. CaseMe iPhone XS Max It […]

05Sep 2018

Since the explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery, the quality of the Samsung mobile phone has been questioned by the outside world. When the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone was released, it was loved by consumers. Samsung returned to the peak, and the smartphone market share was second only to Apple iPhone. Due […]

04Sep 2018

The iPhone 6s Plus was released on September 9, 2015. It has been 3 years since then, but many people still use this phone, so we have to do screen protection measures. We have selected several best iPhone 6s Plus wallet case in 2018. Note: Based on the results of our tests, the iPhone 6s […]

03Sep 2018

Apple’s new product will be released next week. According to media reports, the name of the new product may be iPhone 9, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. The more recognized name is iPhone XS, because the iPhone has released the “S” product. Currently, CaseMe case mobile phone accessories manufacturers released the iPhone XS protective […]

31Aug 2018

Since the release of the iPhone 8 Plus, it has been loved by people. It has changed the design of the past, using the glass design, making the iPhone 8 Plus more fragile, falling from a foot high, it will break the screen and the glass back shell, and its maintenance costs are very high, […]

29Aug 2018

The 2018 iPhone new product is currently the hottest topic, but the iPhone X released last September is still the most popular smartphone in the market. It uses a full-screen design, making its screen very fragile, so be sure to buy an iPhone X case. We did a survey and the protection performance of the […]

27Aug 2018

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released this month, it still does not affect the sales of the Galaxy S9 Plus, It is still the most popular smartphone in the Android mobile phone market. Due to the high price, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case is a must the accessories, while the wallet case […]

26Aug 2018

The leather case has always been the most classic mobile phone protection accessory, and the genuine leather case is one of the best. It reflects the atmosphere honorable, so it is one of the favorite accessories for business people. If you are a businessman or someone who regularly attends high-profile meetings, you should give iCarer […]

25Aug 2018

If you are a wallet case fan, or are looking for a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallet case, don’t miss the Caseme wallet case, a 5 year-old wallet case accessory manufacturer, other accessories that are tried to imitate it. There are more than ten wallet case styles, which are loved by consumers. This is the […]

23Aug 2018

Apple’s annual iPhone new product launch conference will be held soon. Anyone familiar with the rules of Apple’s mobile phone product release knows that it is basically concentrated in September. According to the media, this year’s iPhone will have three versions, the new 5.8-inch iPhone XS, the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Plus and the 6.1-inch LCD […]