16Sep 2019

Are you searching for a good option in cases for Samsung note 10? As you know, it is very important to find out a good case that can provide this style as well as safety and protection to your Samsung note 10. There are lots of options available in the market when you want to […]

15Sep 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best phones on the market. It looks great, offers amazing functionality and it’s lightweight too. That being said, you do need a good case to protect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus once you get it. Many of the current cases on the market are not that durable, […]

13Sep 2019

Deciding on an iPhone 11 cover can be troublesome as there are plenty of covers in the market. When buying an iPhone cover, one should look for quality, style, touch, and protection. We have done this homework for you by collecting 3 best cases for your iPhone 11. CaseMe iPhone 11 Detachable Wallet Case CaseMe […]

12Sep 2019

Just as iPhone 11 Pro has hit the market so as there is a flood of killer phone cases. To protect the fragile screen of your iPhone 11 Pro, you must look for a stylish and protected phone case. We have picked 3 best cases for iPhone 11 Pro. Each phone case has its distinguishing […]

11Sep 2019

iPhone 11 Pro Max has been the talk of the town since it’s been launched. It’s highly praised for its astonishing design, huge 6.5-inch display, IOS13, updated camera and a new A13 Bionic chip. With its outstanding appearance and features, there’s no denying that it costs quite expensive. So, it’s quite obvious that you are […]

10Sep 2019

Apple will officially release its latest iPhone 11 series at the Jobs Grand Theatre. Ahead of apple’s official launch of the new iPhone 11 series, Wal-mart has been stocking phone cases for the new iphone 11 series of models to sell quickly once the phones hit the market. Wal-mart employees said protective cases for the […]

09Sep 2019

If you like to carry your Galaxy Note 10 Plus in a wallet, then buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus wallet case, it allows you to downsize your pocket. It can also save your id photo and some cash. We live in an increasingly cashless society, but if you need to stuff your wallet […]

08Sep 2019

While it’s not unusual for new iphones to be leaked early, the new iPhone 11 is already known to have a huge camera module and three cameras. At present, CaseMe has received supplies from various parts suppliers, telling them that the peripheral parts of the iPhone 11 have started to be shipped, such as its […]

07Sep 2019

The new iPhone is coming out soon, and some accessory makers are already pre-selling the iPhone 11 case. According to media reports, accessory maker CaseMe has already sold cases for the new iPhone ahead of time, from the details of the show, the manufacturer directly marked the new iPhone. The names of the three are […]

06Sep 2019

In the smartphone market of 2019, manufacturers are fighting for the attention of consumers, but they have made great efforts in the color matching of the back shell of mobile phones. On Sept. 6, online retailer Mobile Fun revealed that apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will include a new gradient scheme […]

05Sep 2019

According to Korean media reports, Samsung will re-release the folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold in September. Now, Samsung’s official Twitter in the United States shows that Galaxy Fold will be launched for US in the next few weeks. The phone will come in two colors, black and silver. The CaseMe Case maker immediately launched […]

04Sep 2019

According to BGR media, Apple’s internal documents were exposed, and a lot of information about Apple’s new autumn products was revealed. Among them are the name of the new iPhone, the iOS13 operating system, and the release schedule. Apple will release three new iPhone 11 models on September 11, internally code-named “D42”, “D43” and “N104”, […]

03Sep 2019

Apple released the invitation to the conference, this year’s new iPhone is scheduled to debut at 1 am Beijing time on September 11. Judging from the style of the invitation, it is speculated that this year iPhone’s color will be colorful, which coincides with the rumored introduction of new colors for the iPhone 11. In […]

01Sep 2019

It’s been a while since Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was released, but today, four cool marvel superhero phone cases are available on samsung’s official website. There are four official marvel superhero cases in the Galaxy Note 10 series, including iron man, spider-man, captain America and deadpool. Each protective case has a unique design, the details […]

31Aug 2019

All aspects of the new Apple flagship iPhone 11 series can be basically confirmed, apple’s new flagship iPhone 11 series, which will debut on September 10. The iPhone 11 series, like the iPhone XS series, includes three models, one of which is an updated version of the iPhone XR — the iPhone 11R. Compared to […]